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Hi and thank you so much for visiting the website known as MOSS.

I am grateful and flattered you are here.  Prior to being the design Rock-Star that I strive to be, I have always loved design. My first client was a very high maintenance Barbie, who wanted a pink mansion in Malibu. So cliche. I talked her into a custom-designed 3-story 1974 metal bookshelf that accommodated her awesome collection of blow-up furniture. I should really try and find a photo of that. It was amazing!.

My first real job was in 1996 at GOOG – a Design-Build company in Colorado.

Pat Ryan and his band of merry welders were renowned for their design-on-the-fly practices and steel..lots of steel.  The sink or swim work ethic taught me the art and value of custom fabrication (invaluable to me to this day).  In 2001, Melissa Friday and I started XAN Creative in Denver, CO.  Innovators and leading specialists in “Space Branding”, we aspired to take Denver by storm wearing pink hard hats and telling jokes that made even the plumbers blush.

In 2010 I moved to Seattle, Wa and created MOSS – a design company.

I see the design in everything – good and bad. And bad design, well, it just hurts my feelings on a personal level.  I love what I do. And because I love what I do, I am good at what I do – just ask my Mom.

Blown away by her talent and overall presence

It was truly a joy to work with Marisha and feel comfortable with decisions and know that we were being taken care of. The entire process went smoothly and on time!

Our basement has a great combination of my husband’s sports bar feel and my quirky elegance. Who knew you could combine the two so perfectly?! You will be blown away with her talent and overall presence.

Thank you, Marisha!! We look forward to working with you again – I just need to find another project to tackle.

Home Owner
Residential Remodel, Seattle

Such a high level of professionalism

Marisha from Moss Interior Design has done numerous projects for me – both residential and commercial. Her amazing creativity and great sense of design are matched by her organization and ability to execute her ideas.

It is rare to find someone so creative that also remembers all the details and executes a project efficiently and with such a high level of professionalism. I would engage her services again and again for future projects!

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Home Design

Created just the home environment I had hoped for

Marisha created just the home environment I had hoped for and she did so in a timely and cost-effective way with excellent, personalized customer service. I have been marveling at and enjoying her work for 3 years.

Home Owner
Home Remodel